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About Us

ONI RANGE is a dedicated member only and “On-Line” and “One-stop Shop” where we sell direct to End-users and a platform for the highly deserving fashion designers to collaborate.

The set-up is about encouraging and supporting our members through “The Power of Collaboration” to enhance their creativity and profession. NOT Competitions.

This would undoubtedly help some fashion designers to overcome the challenge of doing little about their individual creativity.

Automatic mobile user-friendlier site


ONI RANGE, mainly our website  www.onirange.com is different by being for deserving fashion designers their fashion agent, coach, distributor and their retails shop front. Our platform also is for accessories designers and suppliers, fashion luxury related products and brands.


Our focus would be predominantly on our website as where we will generate revenues from, for our members and ourselves.

ONI RANGE is part and trading name of ONI RANGE FASHION HOUSE LTD, Company Number:08837705 England and Wales.

The Launch of ONI RANGE


The need and time to go ahead with ONI RANGE  www.onirange.com  is Now and the website was launched officially on Friday 21 February 2014 in London.


“ONI RANGE Philosophy  is having a covenant with humanity where by 10% of ONI RANGE Profit is re-invested in humanity and good causes.”


ONI means Wanted; popularity (Egyptian); Born in holy place (African); Devil (In good way Japanese)

Key points from ONI RANGE

1.            ONI RANGE  www.onirange.com  is members only an international  E-commerce system and in due time a platform to support – English / French / German / Italian / Spanish languages.

1.            ONI RANGE  www.onirange.com  is members only an international  E-commerce system and in due time a platform to support – English / French / German / Italian / Spanish languages.

2.            www.onirange.com  is also a Mobile e-commerce  with automatic built-in mobile user-friendlier system capable of working in the majority of updated mobile phones.

3.            ONI RANGE aims to attract without discrimination many established and up-coming fashion designers from local / national sources as well as from European Union Countries to join our project.

4.            ONI RANGE is representing the fashion designers for nominal set-up fees based upon work required and only takes pre-agreed commissions when we sell their products.

5.            We sell direct to end-users where required and on ONI RANGE.

6.            We have regular membership discounts / Periodic Promos for our regular registered customers / buyers.

7.            We focus and act as fashion agent for our members, their European PR agent promoting and distributing their final products to the UK, European Union and Switzerland trade.

8.            We are offering to expose collectively our member’s fashion designers in the International Fashion Weeks available and this approach is cost effective for us all.

9.            We will be setting up “POP-UP” Shops / Showrooms where our fashion designers and followers / customers could directly interact and where customers could also try out the garments if wish to do so.

10.          We are offering to circulate various materials including videos, to prospective buyers, and to press and fashion TV networks, in order to add to each member designer’s international presence.

11.          We are offering a FREE Exposure of our members on our blogs and related websites or partners’ websites.

12.          We are dedicated to the creativity of our members’ fashion designers.

13.          We will always endeavour to deliver what we said we would do.

14.          Our members’ fashion designers feel that they have nothing to loose as we provide the platform with all costs associated. We get paid only when we sell.

15.          By supporting the fashion designers their individual supporters or followers become our buying customers for the products we offer for sale and member might benefit  one way or another from the share of customer base.

16.          “ONI RANGE Philosophy is having a covenant with humanity where by 10% of ONI RANGE Profit is re-invested in humanity and good causes.”

17.          Our concept is about Power of Collaboration NOT Competitions.

Our Target Market

Our business model being fashion and international E-commerce System – “On-Line and one stop Shop” for fashion promotion our customers fall into two categories: Individuals and Businesses.


Individuals  – Conscientious of Creativity and Quality and Businesses  – Fashion / Accessories Designers and Fashion Luxury Brands with a belief in our concept “Power of Collaboration NOT  Competitions” and willing to sell their products on ONI RANGE.

As Virtual Shop – International E-commerce System, our customers are online Internet-preferred shoppers. However in our first year we will focus only on customers across Europe, USA and CANADA due to shipping and return requirement and policies.


1.            We provide exclusive, unique and special clothing to us only which means that our customers have more chances not to see many people wearing the same special garments.

2.            We are a Centralised members only, focused creative hub and International E-commerce platform (One-stop Shop) for the highly deserved fashion designers to collaborate and where they sell direct to their collective followers.

3.            We represent our members for competitive fees or commission based only upon work required.

4.            We act as their fashion agent,  European PR agent, promoting and distributing their final products to the UK & European trade and we sell direct to end-users on  www.onirange.com  and where appropriate required for private distributions or sales depending the contract with our members.

5.            Our members believe in our concept: “The Power of Collaboration NOT Competitions.”

6.            Being members or buying  from ONI RANGE means supporting the deserving fashion designers to making living from their work and profession.

7.            “ONI RANGE Philosophy is having  a covenant with humanity where by 10% of  ONI RANGE Profit is re-invested in humanity and good causes.”

Omer Kokou-Tchri, Creator of ONI RANGE said:

– “ONI RANGE – www.onirange.com is a dream comes true. This is another platform dedicated to helping as much as established brands and struggling deserving fashion, accessories and luxury fashion designers.”

“For ONI RANGE the combination of creativity and quality factors are paramount due to our members would not rightly accept less. It is our pleasure and privilege to truly serve. Our range indeed would have a twist of British and Swiss influences”

“ONI RANGE Philosophy is having a covenant with humanity where by 10% of ONI RANGE Profit is re-invested in humanity and good causes and as creator of ONI RANGE I will do whatever possible to honour these pacts.”

“THANK YOU AND Love & Peace”.



We are looking for more established fine designers to join  www.onirange.com  and our network.

Joining ONI RANGE and listing items is free however there will be yearly subscription fee plus a percentage of the sale price when the item sells. Our charges and agreement will be directly offered by ONI FASHION HOUSE LTD to the fashion designer members and any offers or a separate agreement is to be used in addition with our Terms of Use and the Site.

We further would consider any offer of distribution from any Prospective Partner.

We are here for discussion:

(UK)+447909898566 / (UK)+447883356359

Omer Kokou-Tchri – Creator






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